Jan. 13, 2011

A Valentines Day Return to Comet Tempel 1

On February 14, 2011, NASAs Stardust-NExT (New Exploration of Tempel 1) mission will encounter Comet Tempel 1, providing a unique opportunity to measure the dust properties of two separate comets (Wild 2 and Tempel 1) with the same instrument for accurate data comparison. The encounter will also provide a comparison between two observations of a single comet, Tempel 1, taken before and after a single orbital pass around the sun.


Dec. 29, 2010

SOHO Spots 2,000th Comet

As people on Earth celebrate the holidays and prepare to ring in the New Year, an ESA/NASA spacecraft has quietly reached its own milestone: on December 26, the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) discovered its 2000th comet.


Dec. 27, 2010

COBS - New analysis feature 2

A new feature has been added to COBS analysis page enabling the observer to plot the date of perihelion on the lightcurve graph.


Dec. 26, 2010

Bright Prospects for Comet Elenin?

It does not look like much now — just a 19th-magnitude smudge tucked away in southwestern Virgo — but a newly discovered comet could become something special 10 months from now.


Dec. 24, 2010

UA Catalina Sky Survey Discovers Possible Extinct Comet

The extraterrestrial rock is tumbling through space alongside thousands of similar objects in our solar systems main asteroid belt, roughly between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.


Dec. 19, 2010

Comet-like appearance of main belt asteroid (596) Scheila

S. Larson reports that images of the main-belt minor planet (596) show the object to be in apparent outburst with a comet-like appearance.


Nov. 17, 2010

COBS - New analysis feature

A new feature has been added to COBS analysis page enabling the observer to filter the observation data by observation type.


Nov. 07, 2010

Comet C/2010 U3 (Boattini)

A. Boattini reports his discovery of a faint comet with a moderately diffuse coma that is 6"-7" wide and a central condensation that is about 3"-4" in size on four 30-s co-added CCD exposures taken with the Mt. Lemmon 1.5-m reflector in Arizona.


Nov. 05, 2010

EPOXI Visits Hartley 2

This morning EPOXI, the spacecraft formerly known as Deep Impact, flew within 435 miles (700 km) of the nucleus of Comet 103P/Hartley 2. Images taken during the encounter are being downloaded from the spacecraft throughout the day. A few of the images have been released by the EPOXI team and can be found here.


Nov. 04, 2010

COMET 2010 V1

S. Nakano, Sumoto, Japan, reports the visual discovery of a comet independently by Kaoru Ikeya ...