Unexpected Complex Behaviour in Dust Production of Periodic Comet 103P/Hartley

Under the scope of CARA project, comet 103P/Hartley is continuously monitored by a group of dedicated observers, using small and medium size remote telescopes, now available worldwide.

The plot bellow shows the Afrho quantity data collected on comet 103P/Hartley until 2010 Nov. 3 from R band photometry, performed by Paolo Bacci, Walter Borghini, Erik Bryssink, Dario Castellano, Gianni Galli, Ernesto Guido, Bernhard Hausler, Nick Howes, Rolando Ligustri, Herman Mikuz, Giannantonio Milani, Martino Nicolini, Carmen Perrella, Jure Skvarc, Giovanni Sostero and Roberto Trabatti.

Periodic Comet 103P/Hartley
The Afrho quantity is related to the dust production rate and shows the general behaviour of the comet. Measurements are normalized to a 10000 km radius measuring window, centerd on the comet. The data refers both to the current apparition, and to some 1997-98 data from R band images taken at the Crni Vrh Observatory. Comet 103P is showing variations in a relatively small timescale with an unexpected complex behaviour. Copyright © 2010 by CARA project.